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As the articles age, your backlinks age too–Google likes this. The best thing is, once you’ve distributed your articles, all the traffic is free and will be for years to come. Automate as much as possible. We have all also realized (through pain-staking hours) that it is near impossible to write enough articles by ourselves to get good traffic and enough back links to increase our sites rankings. The fact is, it really isn’t worth it! There’s quite a few article rewriting software out there that can take 1 article and change it into 1000′s of unique articles, all ready to release.

One person cannot get enough work done to produce the massive amount of money that’s to be made online—or even any money for that matter. Welcome to my blog dedicated to the best article rewriter. I’ve been there. Articles provide strong, authoritative, one-way and long-term back links for sites. Your time is so much more valuable than writing five articles a day to only generate a few dollars—definitely not worth it. I personally try to automate everything I can.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any better then that. Some are free (but usually churn out nonsense that would not pass article directory or copyscape submissions) and some that can be bought (most do a good job, but some just suck, so beware. Automation is the key to success in IM. Two problems exist with article marketing:
Coming up with original articles (links from duplicate content get penalized and can drop sites from #1 to #nil real fast)

The amount of time spent writing the articles. So, this is where the choice comes:

Are you going to automate your article rewriting with an article rewriter, free up your time and say good-bye to duplicate content, all while saving building back links and traffic? Sometimes it seems that all that work isn’t worth it. Article Rewriter

What is Best? We all know that article marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site and move you up in the organic listings for search engine rankings. There are several article rewriting programs out there. )

For those who don’t mind putting in a little (and I do mean little) work to create a ton of unique articles, then article rewriting programs are right up your alley. ” Welp, that’s why you’re here, to figure that out, and here’s your answer.

Automate with Article Rewriting Software, also known as Article Spinning Software. My favorite thing about automating article rewriting is that I don’t have to write them all. You may ask, “How do you automate quality article writing? The more you automate, the more you can get done. I can literally take a subject I know little about and create a unique, well-written article in a few minutes. My time is much better spent doing what I’m best at — finding the right niches and products to promote and figuring out the best ways to promote them.